Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GE13: Putrajaya … Part 6

The Rocket has now landed on the Moon, an impossible mission ten years back. Thus, Pakatan landing in Putrajaya is now a realistic possibility. Sea of people, cramped until no space to move around at various Pakatan’s ceramah further gives confident that it is time for a successful change of federal government.

Any person on the ceramah stage who shouted “Ini kalilah!” will sure get a rousing reply of “Ubah!” from the audience. More amazing is when a non-Chinese shouting in Mandarin language, “五月五” (5th of May), they will get a louder response of “换政府” (change government) in Mandarin as well from audiences regardless of race.

Success rarely comes easily. This corrupted regime of BN has declared to protect Putrajaya with their blood just as they “protect” the Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka) against the unarmed civilians during those Bersih rallies with their brutal polices and Federal Reserve Units. The disgusting fact is that they are protecting themselves, not the rakyat so that their plundering of Malaysia’s wealth can be everlasting. The BN is the predator but advertised themselves as victim, or worst hero.

Election is not clean and fair. There are numerous cheat cases from phantom voters to vote buying, media control, racist propaganda and politics of fear. All these have only one aim, namely to prevent Pakatan to rightfully “reach Putrajaya” (implies that Pakatan taking over as federal government, which based in Putrajaya). Against the Chinese, MCA (a Chinese based component party in BN) continuously injects fear of Tragedy 13th May riot and Islamic state. Against the Malay, UMNO always stir up racist propaganda of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) against the Chinese. In this GE13, Hindraf was being misused to get Indians’ votes.

What the Chinese and Indian need to know is that PAS, Islam and Malays are helpful and friendly. Together with other Malaysians like Iban, Kadazan and Dayak, to name a few, we can achieve true harmony and greater social economic development. BN’s racism, rampant corruption and inefficiency have so far pegged us back from greater glory.

Malaysians need to understand that Pakatan going to Putrajaya is a call from the people and for the people. Pakatan leadership and manifesto promise media freedom guarantee to the people’s human rights, free education and transparency against corruption. BN is defending Putrajaya from the people against the people.

We fought the Japanese during World War II, faced off the communist threat, Indonesia confrontation and recent Sulu incursion. We gained independent from British but never realized that later on, we have been colonized by the UMNO/BN regime. Now is the time we free ourselves and free our country. Now, it is time to gain a Merdeka Rakyat or People Independent.

Hopefully, by end of 5th May 2013, after Malaysian 13th General Election results are announced, Malaysians can proudly shout ... Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!